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Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team


Celia Holland

Celia Holland - Chair

Celia Holland is a Professor in Zoology, specialising in Parasitology. Her main research interests are in the epidemiology and control of the soil-transmitted helminths including Ascaris and Toxocara. She is also involved in the development of laboratory models for larval ascarids and aspects of ecological parasitology including the role of parasites as ecosystem engineers and in invasive species. She is a member of the WHO Guideline Development Group (GDG) – deworming and an Invited Expert on the WHO Advisory Panel on Parasitic Diseases.

Anthea Cameron

Anthea Cameron is the School Finance Manager in the School of Natural Sciences. She joined Trinity College in 2000 as Executive Officer to Centre for Microscopy and Analysis but has been in her current role since Feb 2016. Anthea is married with three children and enjoys reading, painting and gardening.

Stephen Coakley

Stephen Coakley

Stephen is a PhD research student in the Department of Geology and lives in Dublin with his wife and two children. He formerly worked as a lawyer in an international human rights organisation.

Andrew Jackson

Dr Andrew Jackson

Andrew is an Assistant Professor in Zoology and joined Trinity in 2007. He is originally from Dublin, earning his undergraduate degree in Trinity in 2001, and then completed his phd and postdoctoral position in the University of Glasgow before returning to Ireland. His wife works in epidemiology research and they have three young children. He is currently training for his first triathlon.

Mark Kavanagh

Mark Kavanagh

Mark is a Senior Technical Officer based in the Centre for the Environment. With the exception of a three year spell working for a consultant analytical company, he has been happily working in Trinity since 1998. He enjoys interacting with a variety of students and staff from across the School and further afield. He is married to Silvia and they have a baby son who is keeping them young!

Susan Murphy

Dr Susan Murphy

Susan Murphy is an Assistant Professor in Development Practice and is the programme coordinator for the Trinity-UCD Masters in Development Practice. Her research focuses on issues in international political theory, global justice, human rights and climate change, gender and social inclusion. She joined Trinity in 2012 with twenty years of management and professional experience, both within the University and also in Industry.

Catherine Rose

Dr Catherine Rose

Catherine Rose is an Assistant Professor in Geology. Her research involves pairing sedimentary stratigraphic data with a range of geochemical proxies to explore key Earth history events, such as large perturbations to the global carbon cycle and changes in climate. Catherine is enthusiastic about creating exciting field work opportunities for undergraduates and is currently organising an international field school to Argentina.

Jane Stout

Professor Jane Stout

Jane Stout is a Professor in Botany, specialising in ecology. Her work seeks to understand interactions between living things and their environment, how they are affected by human activity, and how humans benefit from these interactions. She is particularly fond of insects, especially bees, which she has been studying since 1996. She is the Chair of the Irish Forum on Natural Capital and one of the leaders of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.


Jesko Zimmerman

Dr Jesko Zimmerman

Jesko moved to Ireland for his PhD and has stayed here ever since. He is currently a PostDoc in the Department of Botany. His interest lies with the various pathways agriculture affects climate change, looking how agriculture can both increase and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Jesko is married and father to a little boy. In his free time he enjoys cycling and hill running, as well as creative writing and music.

We are grateful for the help, input, support and encouragement from our colleagues at WiSER: Professor Eileen Drew and Claire Marshall.

Previous Team Members

The team is indebted to our previous members Dr David Bourke, Dr Mary Bourke, Dr David Chew, Dr Natalie Cooper, Dr Catherine Coxon, Dr Laura Devaney, Dr Anthea Lacchia, Frances Leogue, Dr Shane McGuinness, Professor John Parnell, Dr Teresa Ubide and Dr Jesko Zimmermann for their help in earlier stages of the INTEGER and Athena SWAN process.

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