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Main research of the garden

Conservation biology, taxonomy, physiological ecology, plant response to climate change.

The garden produces an Index Seminum for exchange with other gardens, arboreta and bona fide individuals every two years.

Photo of Crinodendron hookerianum Crinodendron hookerianum - An attractive tree or large shrub with red flowers which hang like laterns. Native of Chile.


Four heated glasshouses, three unheated glasshouses, one poly-tunnel, walk-in controlled environment chambers, deep-freeze seed genebank, low temperature growth facilities, experimental plots including open top chambers, growing beds including systematic garden and arboretum, potting shed and ancillary facilities. The diverse plant collection reflects teaching and research needs.

New facilities, including a seed storage and germination facility, and a laboratory/classroom are currently being developed.

Photo of Erica mackiana
Erica mackiana - Native of north-west Spain, south-west France, and western Ireland, the specific epithet commemorates James Townsend Mackay, Curator of the Botanic Garden from 1804-1862. The species is currently the subject of research within the department to determine the biogeographic affinities of Irish populations by using molecular markers.
Photo of Paeonia mlokosewitschii
Paeonia mlokosewitschii - A free-flowering herbaceous peony from the Caucasus, photographed in the Order Beds.

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