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List of Principal Investigators by Theme

Although researchers in the School of Natural Science tend to be interdisciplinary and collaborate widely with one another, we fall into 3 main research themes: earth and environmental sciences, evolutionary biology and ecology, and society, space and environment.

Earth and Environmental Sciences / “Geosciences”

Mary Bourke Dr Mary Bourke
geomorphology (Mars and Earth)

Dave Chew Dr David Chew
tectonics and geochronology

Dr Catherine Coxon
groundwater quality

Dr Peter Coxon
landscape geography

Dr Quentin Crowley
isotope geochemistry & geocgronology

Dr Robin Edwards
environmental change

Dr Robbie Goodhue
isotope geochemistry & analytical techniques

Prof Nicholas Gray
biological wastewater treatment

Prof Balz Kamber
geochemistry and Earth process

Dr Sean McClenaghan
economic geology and mineral deposits

Dr Gayle McGlynn
climate and environmental change

Dr Chris Nicholas
petroleum exploration

Dr Carlos Rocha
environmental biogeochemistry of coastal systems

Dr Juan Diego Rodriguez-Blanco

Dr Emma Tomlinson
volcanic processes & geochemistry

Dr Patrick Wyse Jackson
palaeontology, bryozoans



Evolutionary Biology and Ecology / “Biological Sciences”

Prof Yvonne Buckley
biodiversity conservation & invasive species management

Dr Ian Donohue
ecosystem functioning and stability

Dr. Colleen Farmer
vertebrate evolution and metabolism

Dr Trevor Hodkinson
plant evolution and systematics

Dr Andrew Jackson
ecological and evoluntionary systems

Prof Michael Jones
isotope geochemistry & geocgronology

Prof Celia Holland
paraitology and helminthology

Dr Daniel Kelly
plant ecology, evolution & conservation

Prof Nicola Marples
evolution & behavioural ecology

Jennifer McElwain Prof Jennifer McElwain

Prof Fraser Mitchell
palaeoecology & long-term vegetation change

Dr Paula Murphy
developmental biology

Dr Nessa O'Connor
biodiversity and ecosystem functioning and stability

Prof John Parnell
plant evolution, systematics & conservation

Dr John Rochford
mammal ecology

Dr Matthew Saunders
environmental physiology

Dr Jane Stout
plant-animal interactions

Dr Stephen Waldren
ecology, conservation & plant systematics

Dr Michael Williams
plant physiology

Prof James Wilson
estuarine ecology

Dr Michael Wride
ocular development & neurobiology




Society, Space and Environment /  “Human societal sciences”

Dr Patrick Bresnihan
political ecology, science & technology studies, environmental humanities

Dr Padraig Carmody
development geography & globalisation in Africa

Dr Federico Cugurullo
Smart and Sustainable Urbanism

Prof Anna Davies
social science & environmental governance

Dr Mark Hennessy
medieval geography

Dr Susan Murphy
applied international political theory

Dr Cian O'Callaghan
Urban Geography

Dr Martin Sokol
geographies of finance

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