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Year 3


The Junior Sophister Environmental Science Moderatorship Programme consists of 60 European Credit Transfer Systems (Credits) per year. Junior Sophisters take a total of 45 mandatory Credits and optional modules up to 15 Credits. Some modules are examined entirely by in-course assessment; most are assessed by a combination of in-course assessment and examination. These modules are indicated in greater detail by clicking on the Module Details Booklet (doc).

Modules Codes Modules ECTS Exam% CA%
ES3055 Introduction to Environmental Sciences 5   100%
ZO3010 Fundamentals of Ecology 5 50% 50%
ES3053 Freshwater Hydro Biology 5   100%
GL3423 Hydrology and Water Quality 5 70% 30%
ZO3085 Wildlife Biology 5 50% 50%
ZO3070 Experimental Design & Analysis 5 50% 50%
BO3123 Soil Science 5 50% 50%
GG3030 Environmental Governance 10 50% 50%
TOTAL ECTS   45    


(students choose 15 credits from the following modules)
Modules Codes Modules ECTS Exam% CA%
BC Broad Curriculum 5   100%
BO3120 Environmental Dynamics 5   100%
BO3121 Field Skills in Plant and Environmental Science 5   100%
BO3122 Entomology 5 50% 50%
BO3124 Economic Botany 5   100%

Broad Curriculum Information is available here Lectures for these modules are timed to coincide with free slots in your timetable. Most modules are scheduled to run at lunchtimes so that space is available in our timetable to allow you to take one of these modules. Assessment criteria are outlined at here

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