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Gender Equality in the School of Natural Sciences

Athena SWAN

Gender imbalance in the School of Natural Sciences

scissors plot

This plot shows the percentage of men and women at each academic career stage* in the School of Natural Sciences. There is an obvious decrease in the percentage of women at the Assistant Professor stage, and from this point on the gap between men and women is maintained. This is most extreme at the highest levels and shows a worrying trend for poor retention and advancement of women in the School. Note however, that these percentages are based on very small numbers - the School has only around 40 members of academic staff. Also note that these figures are updated yearly so may not reflect numbers at present - this is especially an issue for postdocs who tend to arrive and leave throughout the year.

*using the new academic titles. Undergraduate students are 3rd and 4th year students only. Postgraduate students includes PhD and MSc students.