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Science without Borders - Ciência sem Fronteiras

The School of Natural Sciences was a proud participant in the Ciência sem Fronteiras programme

Science without borders students

Trinity admits students to its undergraduate/Graduação programmes as one-year visiting students, its Postgraduate/ Pós Graduação programmes as full degree PhD students and offers positions to Post-Doctoral/ Pós Doutorado academics coming through the Ciência sem Fronteiras programme.


Student Testimonials

Letícia Magnin, SwB Environmental Science Student, 2013/14

Science without borders studentsStudying at Trinity College was a wonderful experience for many reasons. Firstly, because of the modules I could take - I have a personal interest in the Environment, Wildlife Conservation and Sustainably topics and, through the modules, Trinity allowed me to gather a considerable amount of knowledge in this area. I could learn things from a different perspective and context. Secondly, because of the university structure – The professors are very receptive and willing to help the students, so, anytime that I needed additional help or orientation, I could count on them.

The international office also offered great assistance regarding adaptation to the country, helping us with the visa, accommodation and social integration. The physical structure is also great – you can find places to study (libraries, computer rooms, etc), to socialize (global room, restaurants), to relax (squares, lawn) and to practice sports (sports centre), not forgetting the excellent service provided by the Health Centre. 

The summer internship was also a great experience: Both the professors and the postgraduate students were kind, patient and willing, allowing me to learn new subjects and data analysis methods.

Finally, the Irish citizens were very welcoming, which helped me to adapt to the country and enjoy a lot my time living there. The city also offers a lot of culture and entertainment options.
Living in Ireland and studying at Trinity College was an amazing experience that provided me with huge personal and scientific growth. I definitely recommend it!

Dominique Silveira, SwB Genetics Student, 2013/14 (Summer Internship in the Zoology Department)

Studying Genetics in Trinity College Dublin changed my life. It gave me a completely new perspective on the importance of a good structured college education for my future. The support we all had was unbelievable; they really took care of us. In Trinity, I had the opportunity to use cutting edge techniques in the lab that I would never dream on using in my federal university in Brazil. I also had the chance to do a summer internship, which was a great lift in my curriculum. Trinity is one of the best universities in the world, all these great scientists studied there and you can feel a very special atmosphere when you walk into the campus. I highly recommend that you choose Trinity as your college if you are on the Science without Borders programme.

Ciência sem Fronteiras in Trinity College Dublin video