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Trinity College Dublin


A world where Natural Capital stocks with multiple benefits for the economy, society and businesses are valued, sustainably used, renewed and restored.


We find new ways to gain and manage sustainable benefits from nature. We undertake research into solutions for the valuation, sustainable use and renewal of Natural Capital underlying ecosystem service supply and benefits. We investigate how natural, social, technological, built and financial capital combine to provide these benefits.

We research new tools and build the knowledge base for sustainable resource use in the circular economy and bioeconomy.

What is Natural Capital?

Natural Capital is the worlds stocks of living and non-living resources, including air, soils, water plants, microbes and animals. From these stocks, flow Ecosystem Goods & Services, these are outputs from nature which have a benefit and value to society.

The Approach

The Natural Capital Approach advocates measurement of impacts and dependencies on natural resources, in order to ensure that management does not erode natural capital stocks, and ensures sustainable flows of ecosystem goods and services into the future.