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Trinity College Dublin

Sustainable Urban / Rural development

Urban Nature-Based Innovation
The use of nature-based solutions has become very popular in large urban centres across the world. It is not unlikely to come across them in cities like Paris, London, Berlin or Barcelona. Dr. Marcus Collier from the School of Botany leads Connecting Nature (, a €11.4m Horizon 2020 project which is developing innovations by scaling out nature-based solutions in 11 cities in Europe as well as cities in China, Brazil, Korea and the Caucasus. The project has explored ways to finance these innovation and establish key performance indicators to asses their effectiveness, scalability and durability. This will ensure that NBS in urban environment are transferable and scalable to other cities.

Smart & Green Cities
Professor Anna Davies from the School of Geography is leading SHARECITY (, a European Research Council project that has identified and assessed the sustainability goals and potential of food sharing initiatives which use information and communication technologies to support their activities. The project has developed the first global map of ICT-mediated urban food sharing in 100 cities (SHARECITY 100 Database), conducted in-depth comparative analysis of food sharing across 9 global cities and co-designed an online interactive sustainability impacts toolkit (SHARE IT). Working collaboratively with practitioners, academics and policy shapers the project is developing a manifesto for sustainable food sharing.