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Trinity College Dublin

How to Get Involved

Nature+ researchers will be happy to discuss research ideas with you. Just get in contact with ideas or questions, and we’ll direct you to the researcher with the right expertise to address your issue.

If you already have a connection and want to know how to take it further, then the Trinity Research
& Innovation team will be able to let you know all the ways in which we can make that possible.

Funding Mechanisms

Funding for research collaborations between researchers and your organisation come from Science
Foundation Ireland, and Enterprise Ireland. This can significantly reduce the cost of a project that you have in mind, or enable new activities that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to justify.

Projects can take a variety of forms, but some possibilities are:

  • Working together to develop new and improved products or services
  • Placements for researchers within your organisation
  • Joint training of doctoral researchers
  • Long term high level partnerships between your organisation and Trinity researchers
  • Collaborations can also lead to international consortia, with the possibility to bid for multi-million Euro European funding opportunities, and to access a range of new partners across the continent and beyond.