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Patrick Bresnihan
Assistant Professor, Geography


Patrick Bresnihan is Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at Trinity College Dublin. He works across the interdisciplinary fields of political ecology, science and technology studies, and environmental anthropology. His work to this effect, combines indepth empirical research and critical theory to examine questions of power, knowledge, and politics as they relate to nature and society.

Previous research areas include the marine, urban commons, and the financialization of water services. His current research is focussed on rural Ireland. Projects include an historical and geographic mapping of the dairy industry from the 18th century to the present and an analysis of the new 'frontiers' of wind energy and data as they intersect in Ireland's green tech economy. He is currently principal investigator on a research project examining the history and development of community managed water systems in Ireland funded by the EPA (WISDOM: Learning from Group Water Schemes).

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Patrick Bresnihan, Water, our relative: Trauma, healing and hydropolitics, Community Development Journal, 2018 Journal Article, 2018

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Patrick Bresnihan, The (Slow) Tragedy of Improvement: Neoliberalism, Fisheries Management & the Institutional Commons, World Development, 2017 Journal Article, 2017

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Patrick Bresnihan, Transforming the Fisheries: Neoliberalism, Nature, and the Commons, Lincoln, US and London, UK, University of Nebraska Press, 2016 Book, 2016

Patrick Bresnihan, The Bio-Financialization of Irish Water : New Advances in the Neoliberalization of Vital Services, Utilities Policy, 40, 2016, p115 - 124 Journal Article, 2016

Patrick Bresnihan & Bryne, M., Escape into the City : Everyday Practices of Commoning and the Production of Urban Space in Dublin, Antipode, 47, (1), 2015, p36 - 54 Journal Article, 2015

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