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Masters in Development Practice

“an interdisciplinary and constructivist program  to better identify and address the challenges of sustainable development”

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Established in 2009 following recommendations from the International Commission on Education for Sustainable Development Practice, the Global Masters in Development Practice (MDP) is a world-leading and uniquely innovative interdisciplinary graduate degree programme that blends health, natural, social, and management sciences--combined with cross-sectoral field training and professional local and international work-based placements to better understand  international development problems and best practices.

The Dublin MDP is a member of this global network of Master’s in Development Practice, headquartered at Columbia University, New York, linking with over 30 universities and hundreds of partner organisations worldwide.

The two-year Masters in Development Practice encompasses an integrated theoretical and practical approach with multidisciplinary training in four “pillars”- health, natural, social, and management sciences. The modules provide rigorous training across the core pillars, complemented by masters level training in research design, methodology, and methods including training in leading edge quantitative, qualitative, and digital tools and techniques. The programme includes work-based placements which provide hands-on practical experience for students, both in International Development NGOs and International Intergovernmental Organisations. This programme aims to create a new generation of development practitioners with the skills to implement and manage comprehensive approaches to sustainable and efficient development.

The Dublin MDP degree led by the Trinity College Dublin (TCD) School of Natural Science and delivered by staff from all faculties across the university, in collaboration with leading scientific researchers, and national and international organisations with specialist skills. 

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