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Course Handbook 2017/2018

Course Modules

The goal of the Dublin MDP is to produce rounded development practitioners with a deep understanding of scientific methods and techniques to reduce global poverty, in addition to extensive on-the-ground training in developing country contexts, and in international organizations. The course modules are categorized according to each of the Global MDP Program’s four pillars—health, natural, social, and management sciences. Some are categorized as cross-disciplinary, although the program as a whole emphasizes the interconnectedness between development issues in these four fields. The MDP is rooted in evidence that effective public policy must be based science-based. Course offerings include a blend of traditional class-room based modules and three internships including two international field training placements.

MDP Candidates develop specialist skills in

  • Economics: Micro and Macro Development Economics.
  • Statistics; Impact Measurement in Development
  • Research design, methodology, and methods including (including training in leading edge quantitative, qualitative, and digital tools and techniques)
  • Project and programme management
  • Sector analysis: Tropical Livelihoods and sustainable development; global health; Gender and development; Climate Change, Human Rights, and Sustainable Development; Science, Technology and Sustainable Development; Economics of Sustainable Development ; Post-Conflict Situations; Governance, Politics, and Development; and Globalisation and African Development.
  • Fieldwork I
  • Fieldwork II
  • NGO Placements
  • Students also produce a dissertation on a specialist research area of their choice.

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