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Fieldwork - Masters in Development Practice

Follow the current MDP student fieldwork placements at #MDPDubFW

Field Training Modules:

There are 3 field-based modules comprising international development fieldwork and work-based placements, locally and overseas. They constitute the core of the practical learning of the MDP programme, and will allow students to put into practice the knowledge acquired in coursework.

Year 1 - Irish NGO Placement
              Summer Placement

Year 2 - Summer Placement


Year 1:

  • Irish NGO Placement:

In the first year, students will work with local Non-Governmental Development Organisations (NGDOs). During the placement, students will work on identified issues of research concern to the partner development organisations based in Ireland. With some guidance by the organizations, students will work in groups to produce the desired project outcome.

Organisations with whom the MDP students have worked with include:

  • Concern International
  • Development Perspectives
  • Dochas
  • Goal
  • Irish League of Credit Union Foundations
  • Meithal Mara
  • Oxfam
  • Trocaire
Field Work 1:

Between May and August, MDP students will have the opportunity to do a clinical field training in partnership with Non-Governmental Organizations, government entities, and multi-lateral donor partners.  This training programme includes opportunities to study, design, implement or evaluate diverse operational interventions that address critical development issues. The MDP is constantly expanding its lists of partners, to more universities, NGOs and governmental agencies around the world. In past years, the MDP Dublin has been able to send students to several countries of Africa and in South America, and is perpetually forging connections to create more choice for our students.

To date, Dublin MDP students have worked with the following organisations in Rwanda:

  • Nile Basin Initiative (NBI)
  • The Rwanda National Land Centre
  • Great Ape Trust if Iowa/Gishwati Area Conservation Program
  • Akagera National Park
  • Karisoke Research Centre
  • Centre for Conflict Management (NUR)
  • Millennium Village Project (MVP)
  • Care International
  • Trócaire
  • International Justice Mission (IJM)
  • Search for Common Ground
  • Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)
  • Health Poverty Action
  • Volcano National Park (VNP)
  • Catholic Relief Service
  • Vi-Agroforestry
  • TechnoServe
  • AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF)
  • Gender Monitoring Office (GMO)
  • EWSA
  • Ubwiza bwa Nyungwe – Beekeeper Union
  • CSO Rwanda

So far, students have worked with the following organizations outside of Rwanda:

  • Environmental Protection Agency and CIESIN- Sierra Leone
  • Community Development Research Network (CDRN)- Uganda
  • The Volunteer Project- Tanzania
  • REPOA- Tanzania
  • Federal University of Rio de Janeiro- Brasil
  • UNESCO- Dakar, Senegal
  • Wells for Zoe – Malawi
  • Camara – Jamaica
  • APA/CVM – Tanzania
  • DUCE – Tanzania
  • Gorta – Kenya
  • GOAL – Ethiopia


Class of 2013

MDP Students - Rwanda 2013

The 2010/11 MDP class on field training in Rwanda - June 2011


Year 2:

  • Field Work 2:

In the second year, MDP Dublin students will undertake their  field programme with development organisations at the international and national levels. The aim of this module is to provide students with the opportunity to:

  • Undertake a short field placement programme with a development organisation working at the global, international or national level.
  • Allow students to work with development practitioners, programme/project officers and desk officers in a shadowing capacity to enable them to acquire direct organisational and programme management skills.
  • Offer students the opportunity to develop their professional and career networks for potential employment in the future. 

To date the MDP students have worked with the following international organisations:

  • UN Headquarters New York, Department of Peacekeeping
  • UNESCO – IHP, Paris
  • OECD DAC, Paris
  • UN Office on Drugs & Crime, Vienna
  • Language Development Centre, Nepal
  • UN OCHA, Geneva
  • UN, Research & Development, New York
  • Centre for National Health Development, Ethiopia
  • Concern, Uganda
  • IFAD, Washington
  • Malawi Clinic
  • Millennium Development Centre, Nairobi
  • R&D Branch, Degrowth Movement, Barcelona
  • Chemonics International Inc.
  • UNEP, Nairobi
  • UNDP, Geneva
  • UN SIDS, New York
  • UN DESA, New York
  • UNODC, South Africa
  • UN ECASRO-EA, Rwanda
  • UN ESCAP, Bangkok
  • UNESC, New Delhi
  • UNDP, Tokyo
  • UN ESCWA, Lebanon
  • CNRS, Paris & Kathmandu
  • OCHA, South Africa


Can I find my own internship for the fieldwork 1?
Yes. If your project is prepared in a timely manner and fits the parameters defined in the course handbook and module outlines. Any student is free to look outside of the list proposed by the programme if their interests are not represented.

Are students helped at all to find the second internship?
Yes. Workshops are organized to help students improve their CVs and cover letters as well as to improve their visibility on social networks and the efficiency of their searches.

Are students financially helped during the internships?
Yes. The MDP provides a limited stipend to assist in the expenses of the field trip, such as the flight, the everyday life, and the research expenses.


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