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Students Testimonials

Alex Bartoloni (MDP Graduate 2013)

The fields of international development and humanitarian response are very competitive, but the Dublin MDP provides a great combination of skills, education and experience to succeed. Currently I am working with International Medical Corps responding to the ongoing Syrian crisis, and I am often able to draw upon my studies in Dublin on global health, statistics, project management, development in post-conflict scenarios and many others. The cross-disciplinary nature of the MDP is particularly valuable as it allows me to coordinate on projects related to topics such as gender-based violence, human rights or monitoring and evaluation. While it required a lot of hard work and dedication, I am very thankful that I chose to go to Dublin for my masters in development practice.

Grace Duffy (MDP Graduate 2013)

I started the MDP course in Dublin after volunteering in East Africa over the course of two summers, and wanting to learn more about ‘how the world works’. What really attracted me to this particular course was the opportunity to partner the academic learning with field/work placements. My research placement was in Kigali, Rwanda, where I researched legislation on gender-based violence. For my second year internship I secured a place with UN Women in New York, working with the Donor Relations & Reporting Team. I’ve found that having this element of practical experience to complement the academic experience has definitely helped me moving forward into the work place.  

Before I started the MDP, I wasn’t sure how I could apply my undergraduate degree in engineering to the course. I soon learned that the course draws on the widely varied knowledge, skills and experiences, both of the students and module coordinators. From research and statistics to project management; from economics to conflict, and so on. In this way, we could not only employ our different strengths, but also learn from others in areas that we might feel weaker.
I enjoyed the two years of the course, and would recommend anyone seeking a course in development to consider undertaking the MDP.  

Emmanuel Hakizimfura (2nd Year MDP Student 2013/14)

The combination of the theory and practice has made me feel and live the uniqueness of the Masters in Development Practice, an interdisciplinary program.
Interactive sessions with development practitioners, worldwide high profile pundits of Sustainable Development from different angles through live seminars, lectures and simulation-fashioned exercises have altogether enriched my understanding of the world, particularly development problems & prospects and international development cooperation, in addition to enlightening and enhancing my critical thinking, problem solving skills and even expanding the network for my career, just to name a few.

Furthermore, the hands-on experience on development bottlenecks, through field placement (in a development organization), has shed more light on the multi-faceted and complex nature of development issues. From that, I grasped more about the relevance and usefulness of the interdisciplinary approach of this program.  Moreover, the professionalism coupled with a devoted service of the TCD MDP coordination team has been highly contributing in creating an enabling environment for my learning. To sum up, I honestly don`t think I would have got that experience and great opportunity from any other program, if not the Masters in Development Practice I have been pursuing at TCD.

Julia Daly (2nd Year MDP 2013/14)

Being an MDP student has been a tremendous learning experience for me. This program has offered me a multidisciplinary approach to international development and has exposed me to great minds from all over the world. I have particularly enjoyed learning from my fellow students about their unique educational backgrounds and global development experiences. The international selection of students and faculty in this program prepares students for employment in the multicultural world of development practitioners. The Dublin MDP particularly cultivates an atmosphere of invaluable insights and internationalism that are not offered by many similar programs.

Rachel Vannice (2nd Year MDP 2013/14)

While working in a developing country, I realized all the gaps I had in my knowledge base and the skills that I felt I needed to be a more effective development practitioner. The MDP appealed to me because I felt it taught in the most effective way, through doing, through practical experience. I have not been disappointed. The skills acquired in research and analysis will be directly marketable as I transition into my career in development practice. The wide range of topics covered academically, some of which I was more familiar with, others about which I had no prior knowledge, provide a substantial base from which to work. Further, the classmates with whom I’ve worked over the past 2 years have been one of the most valuable and enriching elements of my time. Sharing our experiences and going through the field placements together has given me more diverse perspectives, perspectives which I feel are absolutely essential in this field.

Kriti Malhotra (2nd Year MDP 2013/14)

An opportunity to pursue MSc. Development Practice at Trinity College Dublin has exposed and provided me an opportunity to interact and learn from the finest researchers and practitioners at the apex of the development sector globally.
My cross-disciplinary curriculum in natural sciences, economics & social sciences, management & health sciences has helped me build on my critical reasoning skills in the four major pillars crucial to development studies and evidence based policy making. The internship modules as a part of the course with various International development organisations  has given me an immense breadth of cross-continent exposure in multi-tasked project management skills, policy analysis, communication, programme evaluation, drafting.

The modules apart from honing my research skills has also empower me to deal with convoluted issues through medium of workable pragmatic solutions. It has equipped me with a practical understanding of disparate perspectives by working in different verticals of tasks. It would help me explore multitude approaches in solving a challenge, including data driven and hypothesis driven problem solving. 
The best part is the class environment.  My classmates from diverse backgrounds and various countries have certainly helped me build my interpersonal skills.
I would recommend this course to anybody who is looking for a more pragmatic approach towards engaging with the development sector.

Rachel Brittenham (1st Year MDP 2013/14)

My time with the MDP program thus far has been both enlightening and inspiring. The program is a great combination of sciences, human rights, policy studies, and more. Our faculty are experienced in the field and quite worldly. I have also found myself surrounded with some of the most generous and caring classmates I've ever had. Everyone in this program, in Dublin, and in Ireland as a whole, have been unbelievably helpful, and I look forward to the challenges and excitement in the coming semesters.

Bryan Lee (1st Year MDP 2013/14)

Having just finished my first semester, I can definitively say that choosing the Dublin MDP program was the best decision of my life.  From the first day, you are thrown into a fast-paced and dynamic learning environment with classmates who have diverse backgrounds and bring a wide variety of life experience to the table.  The classes you take are very engaging and there is never a shortage of passionate debate with professors and classmates.  The small class size also allows you to interact closely with your lecturers and classmates.  I have found that it is easy to make friends very quickly in this environment.

Despite the demanding academic environment, there is much more to this program than coursework. This program has a vibrant social life with frequent wine receptions, meet ups at the student pub, and nights out in town. Dublin has a great nightlife and there is a plenty to do and see in Ireland. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to network and to engage in development projects with the local Irish NGO sector and abroad in the Global South. There are also plenty of travel opportunities as mainland Europe is very accessible and we engage in research projects in central Africa over the summer.

Going to school in Dublin has been nothing short of spectacular.  In addition to the prestigious reputation, this program offers a great learning environment. I have taken full advantage of the opportunities that have been offered to me and am very happy with my experience.

Safarani Seushi (1st Year MDP 2013/14)

It took me five years to find a Masters course that was perfect to what I had in mind for my career development. After my first semester in the MDP programme, it was definitely worth the wait! The classroom experience has been one of a kind, from the lecture delivery to the weekly challenges that provide a platform for skill building and knowledge sharing. The lecturers are experienced and have worked in different parts of the world, so it’s always interesting when they share their knowledge (and stories) with us! It is an exciting time for us now as we are also preparing for our fieldwork experience in different developing countries. Overall this course is well coordinated and I am appreciative of how it has the perfect balance between theoretical and practical learning content. I highly recommend it for those who have a passion in pursuing a career in international development!

Rudi Hintermeister (MDP Graduate 2013)

Through excellent internship experiences and a challenging class structure, the MDP experience in Dublin set me up to competently enter a career in the field of international development. As an environmental consultant focusing on the environmental and social impacts of various industries in South East Asia, I find myself incorporating what I learned in the MDP to my professional career on a daily basis. The multifaceted and holistic nature of the course allows for students to gain an understanding of many topics that that all fall under the development umbrella. I would highly recommend the MDP course in Dublin to anyone who wants to enter a career in international development.

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