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MSc./PgDip. in Biodiversity and Conservation

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  • The southern plains at Welgevonden are managed to sustain grazers
  • A lion kill at close quarters, S. African field trip
  • Students sampling invertebrate diversity in S. Africa
  • Giant Hogweed, Heracleum mantegazzianum, an invasive species along streams
  • Pyrrhosoma nymphula, Ireland
  • Papaver rhaeticum in the Italian Dolomites
  • The Glendalough valley in the Wicklow Mountains National Park
  • Flower detail of Lilium bulbiferum in the Italian Alps
  • African Dormouse, S. Africa
  • Cutaway raised bog for commercial exploitation, Co. Kildare
  • Restoration of Sphagnum cover in degraded raised bog
  • Stick Insect South Africa-crop
  • South Africa kids
  • Using radio telemetry to track lion in S. Africa
  • Volucella pellucens visiting Hebe, TCD Botanic Garden

Biodiversity is the diversity of all life on earth, and is currently being lost at an increasing rate.  Biodiversity provides us with food, clothing, fuels, construction materials, medicines and a wide range of ecosystem services. We ourselves are part of the biodiversity of this planet: we must understand and conserve biodiversity to secure a sustainable future for humanity.

This course will provide in-depth training and experience for those looking to further their career in various aspects of biodiversity and its conservation, for students wishing to pursue further post-graduate research in this area, and for professionals already working in conservation biology wishing to obtain relevant qualifications.

Download the MScPGradDip Biodiversity and Conservation brochure here.


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