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Staff- MSc./PgDip. in Biodiversity and Conservation

The TCD School of Natural Sciences has an internationally recognised research profile in the areas of biodiversity research and conservation, and integrates these research experiences fully within its undergraduate and post graduate teaching programmes. We also have very close links with various State agencies and institutions who are active in the practical application of conservation science, and biodiversity and conservation policy, and who will also make contributions to the course teaching.

Academic staff have significant expertise in taxonomy and systematics, ecosystem function, population biology, community ecology, assessment techniques, policy and other related areas. Several large-scale projects involving biodiversity research operate from the School of Natural Sciences. Staff have experience in Ireland, South-East Asia, West Africa, Central America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands.

Module Coordinators

Anna Davis

John Parnell

Jane Stout

Prof Anna Davies
Environmental governance, biodiversity conservation policy and politics
Higher plant taxonomy, biodiversity, conservation.
Biodiversity and ecology, pollination, entomology, invasive species

Steve Waldren

Andrew Jackson

Ainhoa González Del Campo

Plant conservation biology, conservation genetics, plant ecology
Ecological and evolutionary systems modelling.
Environmental planning and policy, spatial analysis, impact assessment



Staff Contributing to Modules 

Trevor Hodkinson

Nicola Marples

Daniel Kelly

Plant systematics, molecular biology, population genetics
Behavioural and evolutionary ecology
Plant evolution, tropical plant ecology.

Ian Donohue


Ecology of communities and metacommunities, aquatic ecosystems, spatial and temporal patterns, perturbations.


Other Staff


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