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Past students Experience - MSc in Environmental Science

Past Students Research Topics

The following list presents the research undertaken by the 2011/2012 MSc in Environmental Science.

MSc Environmental Science - Research topics  2011-2012

The Environmental Impacts of Lecume Agriculture

Tidal Scale Role of the Subterranean Estuary at Submarine Groundwater Discharge Sites (SGD) on Benthic Nutrient Dynamics at Ria Formosa, Southern Portugal

A survey of alien and invasive plant species on the islands of Fingal and recommendations for their future management

A study of groundwater inputs into Lough Mask (SGD) and determination of the role SGD plays in nutrient supply to Lough Mask

Potential for the use of renewable energy in the Krasnodar Region, Russia: an examination of the economic and social factors which influence its development and application

Study of Groundwater inputs to Lough Mask and associated Nitrate loading, using 222Rn mass balance

An assessment of submarine groundwater discharge to a coastal rock pool ecosystem using chemical and isotopic techniques: A case study at Olhos de Agua, southern Portugal

An investigation into the Viability of renewable heat technologies in Domestic retrofits

A study of the effect of submarine groundwater discharge, on the biodiversity contained within a system of rock pools, on the karst plateau at Olhos de Aqua beach, Albufeira, South Portugal

Study of groundwater inputs into Lough Carra using a spatio-temporal survey of un-supported 222RN activities

An analysis of the future water supply of Greater Dublin

Stable isotope, foraminiferal and lithological evidence of palaeoceanographic change in the Rockall Trough from core CE1000820A

Surplus Food Redistribution - A Potential Solution To Reducing Food Waste in Ireland?


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