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PhD research opportunities in the School of Natural Sciences

The School of Natural Sciences offers a 4-year structured PhD programme, during which PhD students complete research projects under the guidance of an academic supervisor. In addition, the programme offers 30 ECTS of taught modules in topics relevant to individual research areas as well as modules in transferable skills such as statistical analysis and engagement with enterprise and industry. There are several annual postgraduate student symposia run by the School of Natural Sciences which offers PhD students the opportunity to present their research to their peers.

Currently there are over 90 PhD students in the School of Natural Sciences, please see the individual academic supervisor pages below for details on future opportunities to join the PhD community in TCD.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Dr Mary Bourke - geomorphology (Mars and Earth) | Opportunities

Dr David Chew - tectonics and geochronology

Dr Catherine Coxon - groundwater quality | Opportunities

Prof Peter Coxon - landscape geography

Dr Quentin Crowley - isotope geochemistry and geochronology

Prof Geoff Clayton - palynology and organic petrology

Dr Robin Edwards - environmental change

Dr Robbie Goodhue - isotope geochemistry and analytical techniques

Prof Nicholas Gray - biological wastewater treatment and post climate change environment

Prof Balz Kamber - geochemistry and Earth processes | Opportunities

Dr Sean McClenaghan - economic geology and mineral deposits | Opportunities

Dr Gayle McGlynn - Geography

Dr Chris Nicholas - petroleum exploration

Dr Carlos Rocha - environmental biogeochemistry of coastal systems

Dr Catherine Rose - Geology

Dr Ian Sanders - meteorites, tectonics and mineralogy

Dr Emma Tomlinson - volcanic processes and geochemistry | Opportunities

Dr Patrick Wyse Jackson - palaeontology, bryozoans

Evolutionary Biology and Ecology

Dr Norman Allott - ecology of surface waters

Dr Ian Donohue - ecosystem functioning and stability| Opportunities

Dr Trevor Hodkinson - plant evolution and systematics

Dr Andrew Jackson - ecological and evolutionary systems | Opportunities

Prof Michael Jones - plant ecophysiology

Prof Celia Holland - parasitology and helminthology | Opportunities

Dr Daniel Kelly - plant ecology, evolution and conservation

Prof Nicola Marples - evolution and behavioural ecology

Prof Fraser Mitchell - palaeoecology and long-term vegetation chance

Dr Paula Murphy - developmental biology

Prof John Parnell - plant evolution, systematics and conservation

Dr John Rochford - mammal ecology

Dr Matthew Saunders - Botany

Dr Jane Stout - plant-animal interactions

Dr Stephen Waldren - ecology, conservation and plant systematics

Dr Michael Williams - plant physiology

Prof James Wilson - estuarine ecology

Dr Michael Wride - ocular development and neurobiology


Society, Space and Environment

Dr Padraig Carmody - development geography and globalisation in Africa

Prof Anna Davies - social scinece and environmental governance | Opportunities

Dr Mark Hennessy - medieval geography

Dr Andrew MacLaran - urbanisation and regeneration

Dr Martin Sokol - geographies of finance| Opportunities


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