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List of Research Fellows by Theme

Opportunities for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellows within the School of Natural Sciences

The MSCA European Fellowship programme offers two-years of postdoctoral funding to allow researchers to develop their own research interests and progress the development of their research career through training. The funding provides a generous salary for the research fellow, as well as research and training costs.
The School of Natural Sciences is interested in supporting applications of well qualified candidates to this programme, the deadline for which is the 14th September 2016.  This is a very competitive programme and in order to be successful the application process will need to be driven by the candidate.  If you are interested in applying with the School of Natural Sciences as your host, please contact one of our Principal Investigators to discuss your proposed research project before the 25th June 2016.

The School of Natural Sciences currently has more than 20 postdoctoral research fellows affiliated with research groups across all disciplines, representing three main research themes: earth and environmental sciences, evolutionary biology and ecology, and society, space and environment.

In order to enable cross-disciplinary communication and collaboration among research fellows and increase cohesion among various research groups in the School, a variety of activities are being organized by postdocs and for postdocs on a weekly basis (schedule for 2015). These events aim to enhance scientific communication (seminars, lightning talks), productivity (“Shut up and Write!"), increase awareness (e.g., on gender equality – “Walk and Talk”), enhance work-life balance (walks and hikes “outside Trinity”) and receiving mentoring and career advice (mentoring workshops with invited Principal Investigators from across the School).

Earth and Environmental Sciences / “Geosciences”

Dr Claire Ansberque

Dr John Caufield
geochemistry & volcanolgy

Dr Nathan Cogne
thermochronolgy & tectonics

Dr Javier Elio
environmental science

Dr Chris Mark
geochronolgy & tectonics

Dr Thomas Riegler
geological processes associated with ore deposits

Dr Lingli Zhou
geology 3D mapping of sulfide

Evolutionary Biology and Ecology / “Biological Sciences”

Dr Anna Mária Csergo
spatial ecology &plant demography

Dr David Kelly
animal ecology, oral vaccination, island biogeography & evolution

Dr Marcin Penk
invasion ecology, climate change biology & conservation

Dr Eileen Power
pollination ecology

Dr Rebecca Rolfe
The Mechanical Regulation of Bone Development

Dr Annabel Smith
demographic landscape genomics

Dr Peter Stuart
disease ecology

Dr Jesus Villellas
global patterns in plant demography

Dr Jean Wilson

Dr Jesko Zimmerman
environmental physiology






Society, Space and Environment /  “Human societal sciences”

Dr Ferne Edwards
SHARECITY: Assessing the food-sharing economies

Brigida Marovelli Dr Brigida Marovelli
SHARECITY: Assessing the food-sharing economies

Dr Oona Morrow
SHARECITY: Assessing the food-sharing economies

Dr Rajiv Maher

If you are interested in a postdoctoral position in the School of Natural Sciences, then please contact the Principal Investigators in your research area. Postdoctoral funding opportunities are listed here (

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