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Professor Padraig Carmody
Professor In/Head of Discipline, Geography


Pádraig Carmody lectures in Development Geography at TCD, from which he holds both a B.A. in Geography and History and M.Sc in Geography. He completed his Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Minnesota in 1998, where he was a MacArthur Scholar. Subsequently he taught at the University of Vermont, Dublin City University and St. Patrick's College, Drumcondra. He also worked as a policy and research analyst for the Combat Poverty Agency in 2002-3. His research centres on the political economy of globalization in Africa. He is Director of the Masters in Development Practice at Trinity and was lead author on the only successful grant proposal in Europe to the MacArthur Foundation in the first round to get seed funding for the programme. He has consulted for the Office of the President of South Africa, amongst others and is currently a Senior Research Associate at the University of Johannesburg. He is a former editor of Irish Geography and sits on the boards of Political Geography, African Geographical Review, The Journal of the Tanzanian Geographical Association, Irish Studies in International Affairs, Politics and Development in Contemporary Africa (Zed Books), Economies, and Geoforum, where he was previously editor-in-chief. He is currently an Associate Editor of the journal Transnational Corporations, published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and member of the Standing Committee on International Affairs of the Royal Irish Academy. He is also currently Chair of the Development Studies Association of Ireland.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Pádraig Carmody, Engaging Exploration of the Cruel Politics Behind Paradox of Oil Wealth, Review of Crude World: The Violent Twilight of Oil, by Peter Maass , Irish Times Review, URL

Research Expertise


  • Title
    • "Land Grab: Processes of indigenous community resistance to large extractive projects and their struggles for autonomy in Chile and Peru"
  • Summary
    • The aim of this Fellowship is for the researcher, Dr Rajiv Maher, to develop his professional capacity, advanced training, interdisciplinary skills, high-impact dissemination, and practical experience in line with the criteria for a leading independent researcher in the EU. This proposal aims to investigate the processes of indigenous community resistance to large natural resource extraction projects and their struggles for autonomy in Chile and Peru. The proposal will also examine the strategies used by companies and governments to gain community acceptance such as those relating to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The researcher expects to achieve these aims during the outgoing phase of the Fellowship where he will access expertise, advanced training and mentoring in Development and Political Ecology. Moreover, the researcher will conduct ethnographic research in two indigenous communities in Chile and Peru that are resisting high-impact project in their territory. He will also research the perceptions of communities nearby who have in the past accepted large projects and their CSR. In the return phase the researcher will consolidate the knowledge and experience gained in South America through advanced training and extensive fieldwork in community resistance and struggles for autonomy. Under the guidance of international experts, he will acquire an invaluable skill-set contrasting top-down development policies aimed at indigenous communities who demand a bottom-up solution that calls for more autonomy, this has clear implications for contemporary policy regarding indigenous peoples rights and development. The researcher will be based for two years at the Urban Sustainability Centre (CEDEUS) at the Universidad Católica de Chile, working under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan Barton. The third year of the Fellowship will be undertaken at the School of Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin (TCD) working under the supervision of Dr. Pádraig Carmody.
  • Funding Agency
    • Horizon2020
  • Date From
    • 2016
  • Date To
    • 2020


Africa; African Economics; African International Relations; African Politics; Agricultural Economics; Agricultural policy analysis; Anthropogenic Impact on ecosystems; Area & Population Studies/Services; Business Economics, Studies; Chinese Investment in Africa; Comparitive political economy; Conflict/Dispute Resolution; Contemporary social theory; Conversation and discourse analysis; Democracy; Developing/Underdeveloped Nations; Development economics; Development in Africa; Development studies; East (Far East) Asia; Eastern Africa; Ecology and Population; Economic Competitiveness; Economic geography; Economic history, theory; Economic policy making; Economic Stabilization; Economic Studies--Developing Countries; Economic Theory; Economics; Economics of public policy; Economics of Research and Development; Economics of Telecommunications; Economics of the Environment; Environmental planning and sustainable development; Ethiopia; Finance; Foreign direct investment; Gender and work; Genocide; Globalisation; Globalization; History of economic thought; HIV/ AIDS in Africa; Hunger; Imigration policy, Colonial policy, political culture and national identity; Income distribution; Industrial Cooperation; Industrial economics, organisation theory; Industrial Production; Industrial relations; Information technology in education; Information technology, e-commerce; Information technology, Science; Innovation; Innovation and growth; International Affairs; International business; International Economics; International economics, finance, trade and development; International Planning/Policy; International relations theory; International Relations/Diplomacy; International Rights; International Topics; International/Global Development; Internet technologies; Knowledge Based Society; Labor Economics; Labor Market/Unemployment; Labour economics; Macroeconomics; Macroeconomics, open economy, international; Malawi; Microeconomics; Mobile Communications; Non-Aligned/Third World Nations; Political Economics/Economy; Political Economy; Political Geography; Poverty and the Poor; Public Affairs; Regional Economics; Social Movements; Social Organization; Social Stratification/Mobility; Social Structure; Socio economic issues; Socioeconomics; Sociology of development, population society, development; South Africa; Southeast Asia; Southern Africa; Sub-Saharan Africa; Sustainable Development; Tanzania; Tariff Policy; Terrorism; Trade; Transport economics; Urban and regional economics; Urban economic restructuring, regional planning; Urban Economics; WTO trade negotiations; Zambia; Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)



Honorary President, TCD Geography Society Oct 2008

Editorial Board: African Geographical Review 2009-

TCD Director, Masters in Development Practice 2009

Executive Committee, Institute for International Integration Studies 2011

Editorial Board, Political Geography 2010

Steering Committee, Development Studies Association of Ireland 2013

Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, Energy and Environmental Management, University of Johannesburg. 2012

Editorial Board, Journal of the Tanzanian Geographical Society 2018

Standing Committee on International Affairs, Royal Irish Academy 2018

Sustainable Development Goals Academy, Academic Advisory Committee 2019

Awards and Honours

John F. Kennedy Memorial Fund Fellowship, €5,000 approx. 1992-3


Geographical Society of Ireland 2003 – 2018

Development Studies Association of Ireland 2013 – 2018

Developing Areas Research Group of the Institute of British Geographers 2004 – 2018

Society of African Journal Editors 2019