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Prospective students for 2018 entry

Science Streams

Science at Trinity is offered through four different entry routes/streams leading to an honours degree following four years of study. We have reimagined our science programme and offer students the opportunities to choose from four entry paths/streams: Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Chemical Sciences; Geography and Geoscience; Physical Sciences.

TR062 Geography & Geography programme
Geoscience moderatorship
Geography moderatorship

TR060 Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Botany programme
Environmental Sciences programme
Zoology Programme

Four entry routes leading to one of 19 exit routes. The programme will offer students a detailed knowledge and thorough understanding of the scientific method plus an appreciation that scientific knowledge changes and evolves in response to the acquisition of new information. Students will learn scientific skills while developing communication skills and an understanding of the role and influence of scientific knowledge on society.

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New Science streams



Current students

For students who entered the Unversity up to 2017 only, please click here

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