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Researchers Videos

Dr Mary Bourke

Geomorphology (Mars and Earth)

My research interests lie in the area of extremes. My goal is to better understand geomorphic processes in extreme environments (deserts on Earth and on Mars) and during extreme events (floods, mass wasting). I currently have several NASA funded projects


See Mary’s full profile.

Prof Balz Kamber

Geochemistry and Earth process

My research concerns itself with the large-scale elemental cycles on Earth. The overall goal of my studies is to reconstruct how critical elements were cycled between the solid Earth, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere and the biosphere.


See Balz’s full profile.

Dr Gayle McGlynn

Climate and Environmental change

Gayle’s main research interests centre on understanding the causes, patterns and impacts of climate and environmental change.


Dr Chris Nicholas

Petroleum exploration

My research concentrates on frontier geological exploration to help find petroleum in developing tropical regions which were previously thought to be uneconomic.


See Chris’s full profile.

Prof Yvonne Buckley

Biodiversity conservation & invasive species management

I lead a team of post-doctoral researchers, PhD, and undergraduate research students seeking to understand the fundamental drivers of animal and plant population processes in a rapidly changing world.


See Yvonne’s full profile.

Dr Andrew Jackson

Ecological and Evolutionary systems

My research interests lie in understanding ecological systems from an evolutionary perspective.


See Andrew’s full profile.

Prof Fraser Mitchell

Palaeoecology & long-term vegetation change

I am a palaeoecologist with research interest in long term environmental change as well as contemporary ecosystems.


See Fraser’s full profile.

Dr Jane Stout

Plant-animal interactions

My research expertise is in the field of ecology, with an emphasis on human impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services which are fundamental aspects of our Natural Capital.


See Chris’s full profile.

Dr Padraig Carmody

Development Geography & globalisation in Africa

Pádraig Carmody lectures in Development Geography at TCD, from which he holds both a B.A. in Geography and History and M.Sc in Geography. He completed his Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Minnesota in 1998, where he was a MacArthur Scholar.


See Padraig’s full profile.

Prof Anna Davies

Social Science & Environmental Governance

Anna directs the Environmental Governance Research Group and is on the steering committee for the Trinity Centre for Future Cities.


See Anna’s full profile.

Dr Mark Hennessy

Medieval Geography

My B.A.(Hons.) and Ph.D. are from the Department of Geography, University College Dublin. In 1984/'85 I was a Research Fellow in the Flinders University of South Australia.


See Mark’s full profile.